What is Cadets Con?

About a month before the 2015 event, we started looking at the lineup of guests and events and thought "maybe this is getting too big for the store to host".  We discussed possibly taking the following years to an off site location such as a Hotel or small convention hall space. 
However, a few days prior to the event, it became clear that our con was started with a local feel in mind.  A focus on the internal talents and creating that con atmosphere to our customers who many times either cannot afford to attend a show or just do not have the time. 
Consider for a moment the costs of attending a normal con for even two people.  Between tickets, parking, food and any additional costs once inside, it's well over $100.  We want everyone to have access to the feeling of attending a con without the blow to the wallet.
Therefore, Cadets Con will always be 100% free to attend and take place at our store for as long as we can support it! 

  What it will be

A couple of photos from the
2014 event

In 2014, the popular game maker Wizkids wanted a way to get what would normally be convention exclusive figures into the hands of Heroclix players who don't get to attend conventions.  The introduced a program called Con In Your Store.  The intention was to help create a con atmosphere and again, get players those rare figures typically reserved for convention attendees.
But why limit that experience to just Heroclix players?  We wanted to make it a con feeling for everyone!  Sure, top name artists, actors and the like would be out of our reach.  There is some amazing talent in our very own customer base though!  Let's draw from that (pun intended).  Game tournaments and demos?  We do that all the time, piece of cake.  Con food?  We have it better than that with the Lava Cookie.  The components were all there; they just needed assembled.