Writer of many books including most recently, The Weatherman and Shirtless Bear Fighter from Image Comics. Also has edited huge amounts of comics from Marvel and Valiant. All around cool dude.

Jody LeHeup

Currently working with Jody LeHeup on
the Weatherman as penciler and inker and with a huge list of other comic industry work, will join us Aug 4th
More info on Mr Fox: HERE

I've lived in Texas my whole life. I studied at Sam Houston State University and graduated with BFA in Computer Animation. I've worked on several short animations both with other animators and on my own. I became president of my college's Animation Club shortly before graduating. My first online comic is simply titled' "Beans." The comic can be read for free on my website at carbonikasey.wixsite.com/portfolio

Tugg the Bull Terrier Puppy

Will Holland

My name is Hayley Heartfield. I'm a 23 yr old artist out of the Woodlands. I just graduated college and have gotten back full swing into my art. I make stickers, prints, originals and do customizations. I love doing geeky and nerdy art and work in a variety of mediums.

Artist Alley and Guests Lounge

His amazing book Leviathan from Image Comics? For a limited time engagement from 12-5 (or 1-6 if he sleeps in).

Nick Pitarra

Nathan Fox

He even has his own comic book!

BOOM! Studios will be sending representative Morgan Perry, the coolest chick you will ever meet!

A self-published author of Children's books that help kids be the best they can be, as well as an artist with a growing YouTube channel that has everything from drawing to geek culture with a family friendly focus.

We are compiling a list of artists for this year's event!  If you are interested in participating, use the contact us form and we'll be in touch!

Kasey Carboni

Although the notion of "alley" is a little misleading. Since we have to maintain normal store operations during the convention, we place artists throughout the floor space.  So it's more like an artist scavenger hunt!  Meet the artists who will dot our landscape this year!

Hayley Heartfield

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