Heroclix - Days of Future Past Month 1
3 PM - 6 PM

Cadets Con is going to get weird...or should we say Wyrd. We present an opportunity to check out Malifaux; a miniatures game from Wyrd that features the bizarre and unusual. Highly detailed miniatures that you can paint and make your very own.
Our host will be on hand for a few hours to demo the game and show off some of the great pieces in this game!

Riff Trax style. It's made in the style of the original. Not entirely family friendly (3 uses of the word D, and some weird insinuations and also some death, but in a very tongue in cheek manner) so we will have the windows to the room covered for the viewing. Awesome B horror flick-ness.

Manos The Rise of Torgo Showing
10-11:30 AM

Awesome demonstration by our friends at Cho's.

The heart of Cadets Con is our gaming events.  It was founded on the basis of a special Heroclix event (see the About page).  Since then, we focus heavily on our game tournaments.  Cool prizes and goodies are given away throughout the day as well.

Magic - Win a Booster Box
5 PM - 8 PM

Malifaux Learn to Play
12 PM - 3 PM

Starting in Summer 2018, players will get a chance to play at their local gaming store to earn Days of Future Past Wanted Poster ID cards. If players amass enough points across the entire event to become the winner of the entire Storyline OP Event and earn a terrifying and never-before-Clixed Tri-Sentinel!

The ever popular Magic the Gathering CCG has just released its latest set, Core 19. Revisit some classic favorites and see new devastating spells.
Since this is our biggest Cadets Con to date, we're going to offer our biggest prize for Magic to date. We're going to give away a sealed booster box of the new Core 19 set to the overall winner!
It will be a $10 entry fee, Standard format. Promos and prizes given out to participants as well.

Cho's demonstration
11 am